Beta reading and content editing services

Our experienced beta reader and content editor will happily offer her services to help you polish your books.

PRICE: 5$ per 5,000 words

Hermione will beta read and content edit your book of any genre and she will provide her honest opinion regarding:

  • character development
  • pacing
  • plotting
  • story structure
  • readability
  • dialogue

Hermione will double check your facts and will provide a critique on how your story would be received by an average reader.

She will offer creative solutions on how you can improve your manuscript and erase any weak spots.

Hermione’s feedback is always detailed and includes many suggestions.

Hermione won’t edit nor proofread your text.

However she will give you some editing advices and  note any typos she will notice.

She will beta read any genre, including horror and erotica except stories containing bestiality and underage rape erotica.

Here are a few of Hermione’s credentials:

on Fiverr

Payments will be made by PayPal. An order won’t start before a payment is placed. There is no refund policy.


5,000 words  >  5 days > $5

15,000 words  > 7 days  > $10

25,000 words  >  8 days  > $25

30,000 words  >  9 days  > $30

40,000 words  >  12 days  >  $40

50,000 words  >  14 days  > $55

To request Hermione’s services please fill the form below. She is looking forward to working with you!



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