Publicist Services

It’s difficult to make your name known in the anonymity of the self-publishing industry.

So why don’t you let us help you build your media kit?

Teapot Author Services work hard in getting online exposure for independent authors and creative artists.

We specialise in online promotion which includes Facebook and Twitter promo posts on a daily basis, online events such as book Facebook parties and Virtual Book Tours on a monthly basis and representing our clients in online events of all kinds. We are responsible for creating ads, sending out press releases, crafting bookmarks, making ARCs available to reviewers. We also take on our authors Facebook and Twitter official pages with daily posting and communicating with fans.
All these require hard work so we only work with two authors at a time. In Teapot Author Services we have a strong belief and advocate for independent artists.




* Lavinia Sely Ederyth *

Author of dark romantic stories
Lavinia’s debut novella is now out:
‘Red Velvet Ribbon’

* Penny BroJacquie *

Author of Suspense Adventure Thrillers
Penny’s fist book in The Order Of The Black Rose book series is now FREE
🔖  The Undead Must Die, Episode One

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